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Free Printable Christmas Cards with Horses and Ponies

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Horses and Ponies Christmas Cards to Print

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Free Printable Horse Christmas Cards

Our free printable horse Christmas cards are greeting cards that print on plain computer paper.

Each design folds into four, forming a card suitable for gift-giving or mailing. Each one says "Happy Holidays" or "Season's Greetings" on the front and has a short seasonal greeting inside.

Of course, all the printable cards have pictures of horses or ponies in a variety of Christmas or winter settings.

Copyright 2004-2007
by Adrianne Lake

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In the photo at left, you can see our Free Printable Greeting Card Envelope which also prints on one page.

This envelope template fits all of the horse greeting cards shown below and is designed to print out with a minimum of fuss. It will also fit our Free Printable Horse Birthday Cards.

bijou ponytn_peaceheartbellsgold (4K)Our four-fold horse Christmas cards are also designed to print out easily. Common default printer settings create a 3/4 inch unprintable margin on each page, so our horse cards are designed to print inside that margin. The horse images print quite well from most computers without having to change your printer settings.

Please don't email us for instructions if your computer is different, because it is impossible for us to respond to your individual circumstances; the best advice we can offer is to consult the help section of your printer manual.

For the best reproduction, you might want to choose a "high" quality of printing, but "standard" is satisfactory as well.

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We work hard on the horse graphics, free printable horse greeting cards, free printable horse bookmarks and free horse articles on this site. Please do NOT directly link to our images or reprint the cards, gift tags or bookmarks on other web sites or groups without permission.

Want to share these equine greeting cards with friends? Please Recommend or share a link to our site. Thank you so much!

Three Easy Steps to Printable Horse Christmas Cards


tn_currierwreathcard (4K)tn_forestcard (4K)1. Click on the thumbnail of the card you wish to print. Use your print menu to select "print" or "print picture.

2. Fold the printed card in half horizontally, so the main picture is on the front and the seasonal greeting is folded to the back.

3. Now fold in half vertically, so that the main picture remains on the front and the seasonal greeting folds into the inside. The copyright notice will be on the back.

tn_colt (4K)tn_currierhomesteadcard (4K)

If you enjoyed these printable equine Christmas cards, you may also like our Free Printable Equine Bookmarks, which feature pictures of horses in a Christmas setting with a selection of horse quotes to choose from for each design. These make great little stocking stuffers for the horse lovers in your family, or a nice addition to slip into a new horse book.

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We also now have Free Printable Horse Gift Tags which match our Christmas cards set.

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